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england mapArchaeological Collections Areas Database & Map

This interactive Map was first created ten years ago and provides an easy way to access details of organisations that are accepting archaeological archives (related to Local Authority boundaries) and indicates which areas do not currently have a repository available. It is intended that this information will be regularly checked, and that museum curators and archaeological contractors will report any changes to existing facilities or contact details. The Map also indicates whether or not there is an archaeological specialist at each location and it is planned that this information too, will be updated as appropriate.

Archaeology Collecting Survey 2017 – PRESS RELEASE

Archaeology Collecting Survey  2016

Museums Collecting Archaeology (England) Year 1 Report: November 2016

SMA has now published the first of its annual surveys commissioned by Historic England. It is hoped that the intelligence it has gathered will inform discussions on the future of archaeological archive provision in England at a time when there is growing uncertainty over the role of museums and the ways they are resourced.

A copy of the survey report can be downloaded here:



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