Annual Conference

20151111_142414The Society convenes for its two-day  conference every autumn. Held in a different region of the UK each year, it usually addresses a theme of topical interest and attracts an excellent range of speakers working across all sectors of archaeology. The conference is an excellent place to learn more, meet new people and to enjoy visiting world class venues. The AGM also takes place at this time.

Society for Museum Archaeology

Annual Conference  – University College London

5th – 6th November 2018

Assertive Archaeology: The Power of Positive Action

 In museums we are entrusted with safeguarding collections and making them accessible. But how do we make archaeology sustainable for the future?  How are we showing resilience in what we do? Who are we benefiting and how? Those who take positive action become more confident, get more done, demonstrate persistence and understand how to articulate the value in what they do to those that matter the most. How have you taken positive action to improve the world of museums and archaeology?



 It’s been a long time since the SMA conference was held in the capital, so this year we are heading to UCL.  The conference is always a fantastic way to network with colleagues from around the country, hear papers on a wide range of topics, attend a local field trip, and take part in workshops and discussions around the latest issues in museum archaeology.



To promote the interests of archaeology in museums throughout the United Kingdom